Tips For Those That Have Carpet

If you have carpet, then you know how lovely it is when it is new and clean.  For many people, carpet flooring is the only option for their floor coverings that they will consider.  When they look at carpet, it is relaxing, looks professional and what should be in everyone’s home.  If you have carpet, here are a few tips that you may want to consider.

carpet flooring

Vary your cleaning pattern

When you vacuum your carpet, you want to vary the pattern that you clean it.  Most people will start in one side of the room and clean till they get to the other.  They will do this every time that they need to clean.  What you want to do is vary your pattern.  One week clean from left to right then the next time clean up to down.  When you do this, you are preserving the fibers of your carpet from wear and tear.

Blot spots, don’t rub

When we spill something onto our carpets the first thought in our minds is to scrub or rub it out.  This is not the way you want to do it.  When you scrub or rub a spot you are only pushing the contents of the spill deeper into the carpet fibers.  You want to blot the spot with a warm cloth.  When you blot the spot you are helping to pull out the stain from the carpet.  This is why when you use a carpet cleaner, they use suction to pull out the dirt.

Go with a darker carpet

If you are going to have a high traffic area, you will want to consider a darker carpet.  When you have a darker carpet, you will not show dirt as easily as a lighter carpet.  If you are going to have kids and pets, a darker carpet is going to be the way to go.