What Is A Solarium?

solariums in Edmonton Alberta

A solarium is merely a more sophisticated name for a sunroom. Yes, but what is a sunroom then? Well, as its name suggests, a sunroom is a room that receives sunlight. Indeed, solariums in Edmonton Alberta are designed, manufactured and installed to receive as much sunlight as possible. The designers, manufacturers and installers will all collaborate towards finding that corner or section of the building that is most likely to receive the most sunlight at any time of the day, no matter the time of the year.

Solariums have been in place for nearly two-hundred years already. That is to say that you are only prepared to examine European architectural history at this time. Because you know, you could go further back still. At any rate, the European solarium was primarily utilised for the purposes of entertaining guests and/or patrons, giving them the delights of sunlight exposure whilst at the same time being sheltered from the typical European rains.

Not long afterwards, it was decided to utilise the solarium as a form of greenhouse. By now, you should be quite familiar with the greenhouse and what it is used for. But the original European use was to store and, later, cultivate fruits, vegetables and various plants originally derived from other parts of the world that were much warmer and sunnier. Today, the newly fashioned sunroom, probably a lot smaller as well, given the challenges associated with congestion and of course, price, will have numerous other uses.

And so it goes that a solarium could very well be built and/or installed onto your very own property, provided of course that you do have enough ground space for it. But should that not be the case, an existing room could just as easily be converted.